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A new photography work currently in progress through all the USA by Sébastien Van Malleghem has been published on 6 pages inside De Standaard.


Going Home

A travel piece in Iceland by Nanna Dis for the Luxury

Virtuoso Life travel Magazine


 ISIS behind bars

Assignment and cover by Sébastien Van Malleghem for

The Washington Post

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The Austrian label "Napalm record" assigned Van Malleghem to direct and film the two new video clips for the Black Mirrors band. He used his drone and Nikon cameras.

Renegades received a white card to produce a commercial video for the Football club RWDM based in Brussels, Belgium. Campaign 2018

Nordic Noir

Nordic Noir

Renegades understands the highly competitive and complex nature of international branding. Regardless whether you are a cultural institution, an international company, a cool start-up or a unique personality in search of massive visual impact, we will go the extra mile in order to exceed your expectations and surprise your audience.

Horizon Zero Dawn / Guerilla Games / De Standaard

Horizon Zero Dawn / Guerilla Games / De Standaard

Renegades has a truly international focus and network, from Reykjavik to London with our office in Brussels.

Renegades is an agency like no other. With a strong emphasis on visual innovation while staying true to their ethics, they tirelessly imagine new and daring ways to create impact for their clients and their audiences. In all of my dealings with Renegades, I’ve been impressed by their drive to think outside the box to effectively challenge preconceived narratives. They are, without doubt, leading the field.
— Olivier Laurent, former editor at TIME. Currently working at Washington Post